About me

I got my university degree in mathematics, and worked many years in IT, but dance has always been my true love…
I still went to school when first encountering early dance. Meanwhile I can look back upon decades of experience in teaching and reconstructing dances from different periods, from Renaissance to early 20th century.
I hold a „teaching certificate“ of the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society (now: The Historical Dance Society) and am a certified dance instructor.
I am a member of the management team of Dance & History Dance & History.
Over the years I have attended classes with Karl-Heinz Taubert, Andrea Francalanci, Barbara Sparti, Angene Feves, Christine Bayle, Anne Daye, Helga Hill, Christine & Ellis Rogers, Beatrice Massin, Ken Pierce, Carles Mas, Lieven Beart, Kaj Sylegard, Ana Yepes, Cecília Grácio Moura, Jørgen Schou-Pedersen, and Richard Powers, among others. Besides historical ones I also enjoy today’s social dances (Ballroom, Latin, Salsa). 

Buchen Sie mich!